Who is The Gentleman 2.0 ?

When booking an escort girl at Dolce Vita Agency, you receive all our attention. As we care about your satisfaction, we try our best to match you to the ideal profile. Not only physically but also regarding your needs and expectations. So once your choice is made, you are ready to meet the girl of your dream and enjoy some precious and intense hours with her. But have you ever thought about the « behind the scene » ? What about her expectations and thought about this new gentlemen she is about to meet ? We are about to reveal this mysterious yet exciting feeling that every escort girl feel when she receives a date alert from her agency. 

“Gallantry to women – the sure road to their favor – is nothing but the appearance of extreme devotion to all their wants and wishes, a delight in their satisfaction, and a confidence in yourself as being able to contribute toward it”  

As a women working in the high-class escort sector you must be quite self-confident, open-minded, educated, curious, adventurous and caring enough to be able to meet someone you have never seen before and still be able to be at your ease and make him feel confortable and happy to share a moment with you. 

in this article we will try to help you dear gentlemen, to make your divine companion feel at her best in your presence from the minute you open the door. 

Open the doors 

It might seems basic, but we actually have a lot to say about doors and gallantry. 

You will never have a second chance to make a first impression. Please dear gentlemen, put a beautiful and charming smile on your face when opening the door to your beautiful escort. A warm welcome puts everyone in a good mood and it surely gives the tone of the date. We know that it can be a stressful moment for those who experience it for the first time, but remember that she is feeling the exact same excitement as you do at this point. 

So when she rings the bell of your house or hotel room, please remember that and make her feel how happy and excited you are about this precious moment you two are about to live. 

Women love roses 

Even though many women love roses, in our case, we are talking about the roses you owe to your beautiful escort, it can be so embarrassing for her to have to ask for it, so please dear gentlemen, let her free her mind and pay her in the very beginning of the date. 

Self-care is key 

If you want your escort to take care of you, in the most tender way, then please dear gentlemen, take care of yourself too ! High-class escort love and appreciate men who are well groomed and hygienic. They love to share, if you are willing to give and receive divine pleasures, self-care is key. 

Kiss her goodnight 

Last but not least, your shared moment has been a passionate and intense experience, if so you should not keep that secret, compliment the sexy lady you shared it with ! Women love diamonds, roses but above all , women love compliments, so don’t be greedy, compliment her about her body, her gesture, her voice , anything that made you feel special and happy. 

She will appreciate it and probably compliment you back on what gave her pleasure and satisfaction. 

When she will leave, give her a last kiss and wish her a safe journey home. 


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